SWTCW: Naboo Royal Makeup: Queen Neeyutnee

Neeyutnee is Queen of Naboo in Star Wars: The Clone Wars: she is featured in Episodes such as Blue Shadow Virus.

(Queen Neeyutnee)
(Queen Neeyutnee)

These measurements and proportions in this breakdown are based on an Animated face and are not going to translate perfectly to real faces. There will need to be some interpretation, however, this post is meant to help with figuring that out.

Neeyutee makeup 2 cheek dots
(Cheek Rounded Triangles)

Queen Neeyutnee has burgundy/wine red large rounded corners cheek triangles on both cheeks.

Neeyutee makeup 2 forehead dots2
(Forehead Rounded Triangles)

She also wears small rounded triangles on her forehead placed on either side of the large half oval section on her forehead that is filled in. Note: that these small rounded triangles on her forehead are in line with the bottom edge of her half oval with the royal crest in it.

Neeyutee makeup placment
(Placement of rounded face triangles)

The edge of the cheek triangle is in line with the point of the rounded forehead triangle. the back flat edge of the rounded forehead triangle falls roughly in line with the center point of the cheek triangle see the pink line in the image above for this.

The outer edge points of the rounded cheek triangles fall roughly in line with with the outer corners of her eyes.

Neeyutee makeup placment 2
(Cheek and Forehead Rounded Triangles, Placement and Preportions)

The rounded cheek triangles top fall in line with the bone of the eye-socket, the center of the rounded cheek triangles fall in line with the tip of the nose, this is shown by the pink line in the image above (the same as the cheek dots that Amidala wears). The bottom point of the rounded triangles fall in line with the bottom of the nose where it connects with the lip.

The the bottom edge of the forehead small rounded triangles are in line with the bottom edge of the half oval with the royal crest on Neeyutnee’s forehead. The top edge fall in line with the center of the royal crest.

Neeyutee makeup 2 forehead circle2
(Half Oval Forehead Center With Royal Crest)

In the middle of her forehead a long half oval shape is filled in with the same color that the cheek rounded triangles and lips are. In the middle of the half oval is the Naboo royal crest the color is charcoal grey.

Neeyutee makeup 2 forehead circle royal mark 2
(Royal Crest In Charcoal Grey)
Neeyutee makeup 2 eyeliner 2

It’s hard to tell because it’s animated but it appears that Neeyutnee is wearing black mascara and a very thin natural eyeliner. Because this is more open to interpretation then the live action makeup we think that if so desired a small winged eyeliner could be added to this look.

Neeyutee makeup 2 brows

Neeyutnee’s eyebrows are likely filled in with a dark color in their natural shape much like Jamillia and Amidala.

Neeyutee makeup 2 lips 3

Neeyutnee’s lips are filled in with the same color as the rest of her face markings makeup. Both the top and bottom lips are filled in. In the middle of her bottom lip she has a narrow rectangle of blue. This is unique and the first time we see the bottom lip filled in with color instead of white like the face base.

Myths About Star Wars Hairstyles

One of the common myths about hairstyles in the Star Wars universe is that these intricate styles are achieved with a person’s own natural (often times long and thick) hair. In reality a combination of wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions, among other techniques, where used to give the length and volume needed for these styles. Princess Leia’s and Queen Amidala/Padmé’s hairstyles are commonly attributed to this myth. However, both Leia’s and Padmé’s hair is achieved through the for mentioned hair help. Within universe the characters achieve these hairstyles with wigs, hair filler and forms among means other than their own natural hair. In [Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season: 3 Episode: 11, Pursuit of Peace,] a short scene near the end of the episode shows Padmé talking with her handmaiden Teckla Minnau. In the scene Teckla is holding Padmé’s senatorial wig/headdress which Padmé wears with her (blue and gold) senate dress from the Clone Wars TV show.

clone-wars3x11 Teckla Minnau and Padme Wig II
(Cap-that.com) (Teckla Minnau, SWTCW: S:3 E:11)

A behind the scene photo of Padmé’s [Star Wars: The Phantom Menace] (black Coruscant) wig/headdress from [Padawan’s Guide] shows that the wearers real hair is tucked beneath the wig/headdress.

coruscant black wig2
(Padawan’s Guide Image)

Padmé’s (senate address) headdress from the same movie can also be seen here in makeup-chair, (Also from Padawan’s Guide).

(Padawan’s Guide Image)

All in all, the notion that Star Wars hairstyles can and only should be achieved by your own natural hair is a myth in our galaxy and one far, far away.