Other Costuming Help Websites

The Padawan’s Guide (This link is resource to brake downs of the Star Wars costumes.)

Star Wars Fit For A Queen (This link is a resource for the costumes of Queen Amidala and her Handmaidens plus more.)

Rebel Legion (this link is a resource for all Rebel Alliance costuming and more.)

501st Legion: Vader’s First (This link is a resource for all Imperial costuming and more.)

The Dented Helmet  (This is a resource for specifically costuming Boba Fett and other Star Wars costumes.)

Maggie’s Costume Site (This link is a resource for written walks through of making several Star Wars costumes.)

Kay-Dee ImageEvent (Kay-Dee has a lot of grate photos of many of the costumes during exhibits.)

Cap-That.Com (This is a resource for good high-quality images of Stat Wars media.)